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Nikon D200 Flash Diffuser                           Back to Notes on Photography
by Makoto Honda     November 3, 2007   

How To Make a Diffuser for the On-camera  ---  For Field Deployment

The idea is to cover the on-camera flash with a white paper that works as a diffuser.  My scheme requires two white papers.  Only the first paper has to be cut, as shown below. Fold the papers along the blue lines. Figure out which way to fold by looking at the final picture. You need to hold the papers by 4 staplers. Below, I am using two standard size white sheets of paper (8.5 x 11.5 inch): 

Now, how to attach this to the camera?  Get yourself a cardboard about 2 x 10 cm.  Tape it to the bottom of the paper 2, as below.
And stick the free end to the camera's flash shoe -- and bend the cardboard sharply.




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