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Easy Exposure Compensation       Back to Nikon D300 Menu Hierarchy
by Makoto Honda     April 17, 2008   

On D300, the exposure compensation is normally done by Exposure Compensation button on the camera top, namely, by turning the main dial while holding this button. If you turn on the easy exposure compensation (b4) mode, you can do it without holding the button. When this mode is on, the center of the exposure indicator display (----o----) will flash as a constant reminder to the user. This easy exposure compensation is accumulative on top of the normal exposure compensation (using the Exposure Compensation button), if there is any.

b  Metering / Exposure

b4  Easy exposure compensation On (auto reset), On, or Off.

To turn on the easy exposure compensation mode, click On or On (auto reset) in the above menu. This allows the user to perform exposure compensation by turning either the main or sub-command dial, without having to hold the Exposure Compensation button on the camera. Which dial to use depends on the exposure mode, as shown below. Both On and On (auto reset) activate this mode. The difference is: In On (auto reset) mode the compensation setting is cleared when the camera's power is turned off or the top display shuts off while in On mode the setting remains after power-off. Note that the normal exposure compensation set by holding the Exposure Compensation button is not cleared even in On (auto reset) mode.

Exposure mode Dial to use Dial to use - when main/sub is swapped*
Sub-command dial Sub-command dial
Sub-command dial Main command dial
A  Main command dial Sub-command dial
      ----- NA -----       ----- NA -----

* To swap the main and sub-command dials, use f Controls --> Customize command dials (f7) --> Change main/sub.


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