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Folder & File Naming        Back to Nikon D300 Menu Hierarchy
by Makoto Honda     July 12, 2009   


A picture you take is saved in the active folder. You can make new folders, each with a unique number (100-999). Any folder can be set active. Each folder can store 1000 pictures (maximum). 


Each picture file has a 3-character (alpha/numeric) name, followed by a 4-digit number (eg. ABC_0098). The 3-character name can be changed by File Naming (in SHOOTING MENU). The digit portion is automatically incremented by one for each new picture.


Active folder
New folder number Create a new folder (numbered 100 - 999).
Select folder Select a folder to make it active.
File naming You can type the 3-character portion of a file name here to be used for subsequent pictures.


d Shooting Display

d6  File number sequence ON, OFF or RESET. The explanation in the manual is quite confusing. Basically, ON gives you a contiguous number from the last, while OFF starts from 0001 when the memory card is formatted, a new memory card inserted, or a new file created.

The way I use this is as follows: I turn it OFF, and then format the memory card. This will reset the file number to 0001. Now, I will turn it ON and keep it there. This way, all the pictures I take from this point on will be contiguously numbered - incremented by one each time. This is so, up to 9999. I may change the first 3-character name along the way, but always making the number greater than the previous, because I do not want to mess up the chronology of my images. With the ON setting, the last 4-digit of the file name continues to get incremented each time, irrelevant of the first 3-character setting. The only problem is that when 9999 is reached, the next value is 0001 (wrap-around)... I get a new image having smaller file number. I do not like this. To avoid this occurrence, I will forcefully reset the file number to 0001 long before it reaches 9999 and set the 3-character portion to a higher number.



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