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White Balance              Back to Nikon D300 Menu Hierarchy
by Makoto Honda     February 19, 2008   

In order for a white object to be depicted white in the picture, the camera's white balance must be set correctly. The menu below allows you to select an appropriate white balance mode. In addition to the menu, you can also use WB button (on the top of the camera) to set the white balance. Hold the button and turn the main command dial to make a selection. Using Preset manual mode, you can also measure the white balance on the fly and save it for future use as well.


White balance ---- You can set white balance to any of the following:

AUTO The camera automatically determines the white balance based on the existing light.
Incandescent For an incandescent light source.
Fluorescent Choose from several different types of fluorescent lamps.
Flash For a flash photography.
Cloudy For a cloudy day.
Shade In the shade.
Color temperature You can also set the color temperature in Kelvin (2,500 - 10,000).
Preset manual First select the destination repository (d-1, d-2, d-3 or d-4). See below for detail.
Set You can use Color Adjust panel to set white balance manually.
Edit comment Add a comment to the repository.
Select image Retrieve the white balance from an existing image.
Copy d-0 Save the current white balance setting in d-0 to the repository.

How To Use Preset Manual

This mode allows you to measure the white balance under the current illumination. The result is automatically placed in the temporary location named d-0. You can use the result right away, or save it for future use. Up to 4 different white balance settings can be stored in the repositories named d-1, d-2, d-3 and d-4.

How to measure white balance....

Set the white balance to Preset manual mode first. Then hold the WB button until a flashing "PrE" appears in the camera top monitor (and in the viewfinder). This flashing lasts for 6 seconds. While flashing, take a picture of a white or neutral-grey object (like a white paper). Fill the entire frame with this reference object. No focus is necessary for this shot. Just click the shutter. No photograph is actually taken, but the camera will record the white balance. The word "Good" flashes for 6 seconds in the control panel if the white balance measurement was successful. The result is automatically saved in d-0. If you are taking pictures using this white balance setting, hold the WB button and turn the sub-dial to select d-0. The subsequent shots will be taken using this white balance.

How to save white balance.....

To save this d-0 setting, use SHOOTING MENU - White Balance - Preset manual menu and select either d-1, d-2, d-3 or d-4 from the rear panel (move to the one you want and press the center of the multi-selector). Then select Copy d-0 menu item. This copies the current setting of d-0 to another location you specified.

How to use saved white balance.....

To use any of these saved settings, set the white balance to Preset manual mode. Then hold the WB button and turn the sub-dial to make your choice (d-0, d-1, d-2, d-3 or d-4). The subsequent shots will use this setting.

How I do it....

Personally, I always keep the setting to d-0, and measure the white balance as needed on the fly and use it in the subsequent shots. I do not bother to keep the setting for future use.



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