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Nikon Z7 - My User Manual Summary     Arrival-Sept 28    Z7 Hands-On Testing


There are seven menu categories:
Playback / Photo Shooting / Movie Shooting / Custom Setting / Setup / Retouch / My Menu
(i) means i button,  (My) means "My Menu" (my personal selections)


Monitor Mode   --- I use Prioritize / Simple
Monitor mode button (left): Automatic display switch / Viewfinder only / Monitor only / Prioritize Viewfinder
DISP button (back): Indicators / Simple / Histogram / Horizon


ISO Setting   --- I use ISO 64 / Auto-ISO on
ISO - ISO button + Main command dial (back): 64-25600
Auto ISO - ISO button + Sub-command dial (front): On / Off
Also Photo Shooting Menu > ISO sensitivity > Max ISO, Min shutter
Hold ISO button and use the main and sub-command dials to set ISO and Auto-ISO on/off.

Button   --- Hit the button twice to show Mode/Shutter/Aperture/ISO (can change if boxed)
Shutter Speed: 1/8000 ~ 30 sec (for mechanical & silent shutter), 1/2000 ~ 30 sec (in front-curtain mode)
Aperture: lens aperture
ISO: 64-25600
Hit DISP button to show these in the rear LCD.

Vibration Reduction   --- I keep it on
(i) Photo Shooting Menu > Vibration reduction: Normal / Sport / Off
The 5-axis in-camera image stabilization gives 5-stop VR capability. With a wide-angle lens, I can hand-hold at 1/2 second!

Exposure Mode   --- M / A / S / P
Mode Dial: M (manual) / A (aperture-priority) / S (shutter-priority) / P (program)

Exposure Metering Area   --- I use Matrix
(i) Photo Shooting Menu > Metering: Matrix / Center-weighted / Spot / Highlight-weighted

Image Quality
  --- I use FX / LARGE / RAW (lossless) + JPEG (Fine*)
Image Area Size - Photo Shooting Menu > Choose image area: FX (36x24) / DX (24x15) / 5:4 (30x24) / 1:1 (24x24) / 16:9 (36x20)
Image File Resolution -
(i) Photo Shooting Menu > Image size >
    RAW: Large (FX 8256x5504) / Medium (FX 6192x4128) / Small (FX 4128x2752)
    JPEG/TIFF: Large / Medium / Small
Image File Format/Compression -
(i) Photo Shooting Menu > Image quality:
    RAW + JPEG (Fine* / Fine / Normal* / Normal / Basic* / Basic)
    JPEG (Fine* / Fine / Normal* / Normal / Basic* / Basic)
    TIFF (RGB, uncompressed 24-bit color)
RAW Compression - Photo Shooting Menu > NEF (RAW) recording > compression:
    Lossless / Compressed / Uncompressed, bit depth: 12 bits / 14 bits
    (always Lossless 12 bits for Medium / Small)

Shooting Speed / Self-timer  --- I keep it H (high)
Release-mode button (back): S (single) / L (low) / H (high) / H+ (extended) / Self-timer
(i) Release mode: S / L / H / H+ / Self-timer
Custom Setting Menu > c2 Self-timer > delay time / number of shots / interval

White Balance   ---  use Auto
(i) Photo Shooting Menu > White balance:
    Auto / Natural light auto / Direct sunlight / Cloudy / Shade /
    Incandescent / Fluorescent / Flash / Choose color temperature

Picture Control
(i) Photo Shooting Menu > Set Picture Control:
    Auto / Standard / Neutral / Vivid / Monochrome / Portrait / Landscape / Flat
          Sharpening: -3 ~ +9   
          Mid-range sharpening: -5 ~ +5
          Clarity: -5 ~ +5
          Contrast: -3 ~ +3
          Brightness: -1.5 ~ +1.5
          Saturation: -3 ~ +3
          Hue: -3 ~ +3
    Creative Picture Control: Dream / Morning / Pop / Sunday / Somber / ... / Carbon

Auto Focus   --- I use AF-S / Wide area (S)
(i) AF Mode: AF-S (single) / AF-C (continuous) / AF-F (fulltime/movie) / MF (manual focus)
(i) AF Area: Pin point / Single point / Dynamic area / Wide area (S) / Wide area (L) / Auto area
OK button - Quick center
The continuous AF-C is only available in the H-mode (not in H+) that means max of 5.5 fps. But even there, the effective fps with AF-C is something like 2-3 fps. The D850 will do a much better job with the same 45MP sensor.


Active-D Lighting
  --- I keep it Auto
(i) Photo Shooting Menu > Active D-Lighting: Auto / High+ / High / Normal / Low / Off

Silent Shooting
(i) Photo Shooting Menu > Silent photography: On / Off
Silent mode allows you to shoot completely silently. It worked well but I could not figure out how to enable some sort of indicator that a picture has been taken. I know it worked by reviewing the shots...  Well, I got it - the finder does flush as you shoot in H mode ... but in the extended high-speed (H+) I do not see any flushing of the finder, but the shots are being made.

Exposure Delay / Electronic Front-Curtain   --- to minimize blur
Custom Setting Menu > d4 Exposure delay mode: Off / 0.2s / 0.5s / 1s / 2s / 3s
Custom Setting Menu > d5 Electronic front-curtain shutter: Enable / Disable
See my description of these features....

Focus Peaking
(My) Custom Setting Menu > d10 Highlight peaking: 1 / 2 / 3, Red / Yellow / Blue / White
Focus peaking works well with my MF Nikkor 20mm f/3.5 lens via the FTZ. Red or yellow is the best color to use, but keeping this peaking ON all the time is very annoying to the eye. That's why I put this in "My Menu" so that I can turn it on/off as I need it.

HDR (high dynamic range)
(My) Photo Shooting Menu > HDR (automatically shoots 2; use tripod)
In-camera HDR is convenient and works pretty well. You have some exposure range choices. The camera automatically shoots two consecutive shots and synthesizes them into a combined shot. It is like a 1/30-1/15 sec shot for the entire sequence - so better use a tripod.

Interval Photo Timer
Photo Shooting Menu > Interval timer shooting

Focus Shift
Photo Shooting Menu > Focus shift shooting

Photo Shooting Menu > Auto bracketing >
    Auto bracketing set: AE & Flash / AE / Flash / WB / ADL
    Number of shots: 0~9
    Increment: 0.5~+5


Format Memory Card

(My) Setup Menu > Format memory card

Sensor Cleaning
(My) Setup Menu > Clean image sensor


Customize Buttons   --- My button customization: Non-CPU lens & Depth of Field
Custom Setting Menu > f2 Custom control assignment:
   Fn1 button: Choose non-CPU lens number
   Fn2 button: Preview (depth of field)
When looking through the EVF, only non-CPU lenses show the depth of field using the current f-stop (say, f/22). All CPU lenses (including Z lenses) close down only up to f/5.6. So what you are seeing in the EVF is not reflecting the true depth. You must use the "Preview" button to see the real depth. It works well. The finder does not get dark, like DSLRs.   

Setup menu > Beep options: On / Off

Playback Info Display
(My) Playback Menu > Playback display options > Additional photo info:
    Focus point + Exposure info

Grid Display
(My) Custom Setting Menu > d9 Framing grid display: On / Off

Rear LCD Display
Setup Menu > Information display: B (Dark on light) / W (Light on dark)
Two display choices for the rear LCD. Use B option. W is so dark and useless.

EV Step (Shutter / Aperture / ISO)   --- I use 1/2.
Custom Setting Menu > b1 EV steps for exposure control: 1/3 or 1/2

Power Off Time
Custom Setting Menu > c3 Power off delay > Playback / Menu / Image / Standby

Image File Naming
Photo Shooting Menu > File naming (A01xxxxxx)
Custom Setting Menu > d7 File number sequence: On / Off / Reset

Diffraction Control
  --- I keep it on
(My) Photo Shooting Menu > Diffraction compensation: On / Off

Distortion Control
  --- I keep it on
Photo Shooting Menu > Auto distortion control: On / Off

Flicker Reduction
Photo Shooting Menu > Flicker reduction shooting: On / Off

User Presets U1, U2, U3
Setup menu > Save user settings: U1 / U2 / U3 > Save settings
   Shooting mode M, S > Shutter speed
   Shooting mode M, A > Aperture
   Photo Shooting Menu > ...
   Custom Setting Menu > ...
   (Cannot save in U123 - p.75)
Nikon Z7 offers a convenient user preset modes: U1, U2, U3. I have not figured out yet what are being set and what can be changed under these modes...

Firmware Version
Setup menu > Firmware version: C, LF
Nikon released a new update already for the Z7. I downloaded it, but I now realize I need a card reader to put an update file into the XQD memory card. I cannot write into my XQD card by simply keeping it in the camera body.... I have to buy a XQD card reader....

i menu
Custom Setting Menu > f1 Customize i menu

My Menu  --- This is my "My Menu"
(My) Focus peaking   P--
(My) HDR   P--
(My) Exposure differential (HDR)   P--
(My) Grid display   P--
(My) Playback display options   P--
(My) Clean sensor   P--
(My) Format memory card   P--

Photo i Menu  --- This is my (i) menu.
Hit the button twice to see Mode / Shutter / Aperture / ISO. Boxed items can change by clicking.

(i) (Default1)   Picture control
(i) (Default2)   White balance
(i) (Default3)   Image quality: Raw/JPEG
(i) (Default4)   Image size: L / M / S
(i) (Default12) AF mode: AF-S / AF-C / MF
(i) (Default11) AF area:
(i) (Default9)   Release mode: S / L / H / H+ / Self-timer
(i) (Default6)   Exposure metering area
(i) (Default10) Vibration reduction: On (normal) / Sport / Off
(i)                   Silent shooting
(i) (Default8)   Active D-lighting
(i)                   Monitor brightness
         (Default5)   Flash mode
         (Default7)   Wi-fi connection
                           Peaking highlight 

Movie i Menu
-- to be done --

Frame Rate (fps)    -- p.83
Release mode    Image quality (bit depth)            Frame rate (Silent)
Continuous L      JPEG/TIFF                               5 fps  (4 fps)
   (low)               RAW (12 bit) or RAW+JPEG     5 fps  (4 fps)
                         RAW (14 bit) or RAW+JPEG     5 fps  (3.5 fps)
Continuous H      JPEG/TIFF                               5.5 fps  (4 fps)
   (high)              RAW (12 bit) or RAW+JPEG     5.5 fps  (4 fps)
                         RAW (14 bit) or RAW+JPEG     5 fps     (3.5 fps)
Continuous H+    JPEG/TIFF                               9 fps     (8 fps)
   (extended)       RAW (12 bit) or RAW+JPEG      9 fps     (8 fps)
                         RAW (14 bit) or RAW+JPEG      8 fps    (6.5 fps)

Customization for Photo

f1 Customize Photo i menu

f2 Customize buttons > Fn1 / Fn2 / AF-ON / Joystick / Joy center / Movie / Lens Fn

f3 OK button

f4 Lock speed & aperture

f5 Customize dialog > main & sub-command dialogs

Customization for Movie

g1 Customize Movie i menu

g2 Customize buttons > Fn1 / Fn2 / AF-ON / Joystick / Joy center / Movie / LensFn

g3 OK button

g4 AF speed

g5 AF track

Nikon Z7 - Lens Consideration

FE 8-15mm f/3.5-4.5 (F)

12mm f/5.6 (Cosina/Heliar)

20mm f/3.5 (F)

Z 24-70mm f/4 S

Z 70-200mm f/2.8 S

300mm f/4 PF (F)

500mm f/5.6 PF (F)

TC14 Tele-converter (F)

PC 19mm f/4 (F)

Micro 60mm f/2.8 (F)

Micro 105mm f/2.8 (F)

Z 24mm f/1.8 S

Z 35mm f/1.8 S

Z 50mm f/1.8 S

Z 85mm f/1.8 S


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