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by Makoto Honda


Utricularia geminiscapa / Air shoot

Southern Michigan, USA


Utricularia geminiscapa is a perennial, suspended aquatic bladderwort, endemic to North America. In the US, it is recorded in 16 states.
The branching stolon (horizontal stem) grows to 20-60 cm. Air shoots are produced in dense growth.
This species characteristically produces cleistogamous flowers underwater in addition to the normal, chasmogamous flowers in the air.

U. geminiscapa  -  A growth point.


U. geminiscapa  -  A whole plant with multiple growth points.

U. geminiscapa  -  A whole plant.

U. geminiscapa  -  A branching stolon.


U. geminiscapa  -  Leaves with filiform segments. Traps sporadic on segments.


U. geminiscapa  -  Air shoot and a cleistogamous flower seen emerging from the main stolon.


U. geminiscapa  -  Air shoot.


U. geminiscapa  -  The tip of an air shoot with elliptic scales.