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Aldrovanda and Its Habitat
by Members of Aldrovanda Conservation & Propagation
Publisher: Hanyu-City Education Committee (1983-March-31)
Size: 25.5 x 18 cm
354 pages.

"Mujinamo", as it is known in Japan, Aldrovanda vesiculosa was first discovered in Hanyu City in 1920. Named Japan Natural Monument in 1966, a designation given to rare and precious natural species, its natural habitat was placed under protection from development and destruction. Alas, in 1968, a heavy precipitation that hit the area caused the total annihilation of the plants from the natural habitat. In 1974, one-year environmental study was conducted, elucidating the possible causes of Aldrovanda extinction. In response to this report, Aldrovanda Conservation and Restoration Research Team was formed in 1976 comprising scholars from various academic disciplines. This report, "Aldrovanda and Its Habitat", is the final outcome of their comprehensive and painstaking research from the view point of biology, chemistry and geology conducted during the years 1976-1982 in Hanyu City, Japan.