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 NEW 2008-08-19        Carnivorous plants trip to Alabama & Florida panhandle on April 26 - May 4, 2008.

Florida / Alabama / Georgia Trip - 2008 May  

2008-April-26   CARNIVOROUS PLANTS PHOTOS:  Sarracenia    Drosera filiformis   
2008-April-27   CARNIVOROUS PLANTS PHOTOS:  Site01  Site02  Site03   Site04   Site05
2008-April-28  CARNIVOROUS PLANTS PHOTOS:   Revisited the same sites
2008-April-29  CARNIVOROUS PLANTS PHOTOS:   Sarracenia oreophila  Flowers & Insects  More Insects

2008-April-30  PHOTOS:   Sarracenia alabamensis
2008-May-01 CARNIVOROUS PLANTS PHOTOS:   Okefenokee   Butterworts   Bladderworts   S.minor & Prey
2008-May-02  CARNIVOROUS PLANTS PHOTOS:   Venus Flytrap
2008-May-03 CARNIVOROUS PLANTS PHOTOS:   Sarracenia leucophylla
2008-May-04 CARNIVOROUS PLANTS PHOTOS:   Drosera capillaris    Sarracenia alata


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