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Venus Flytrap - "Cup Trap"
by Makoto Honda

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 2011-05-01                         Venus flytrap - "cup trap"

I was in a local Home Depot store yesterday and noticed a new shipment of Venus flytraps and some other CPs (sundews and Sarracenia). As I was going through VF pots I noticed some unusual VFs among the normal specimens. They were a "Cup Trap" variant. Since I never grew them before, I got one pot. As many of you may know, these plants produce a trap shaped like a cup. That is, the two lobes of a normal trap are fused at the terminal end, making the trap look like a cup. As you can easily guess, the trap does not close very well. This is a genetic error during gene replication... Or, a mutation that may, in time, lead to something unthinkably interesting. Click photo below for more.




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