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Cobra Plants near Redding, California

2006 - July - 28 ... 30              Page 2

I visited a Darlingtonia habitat near Redding, California. I visited this colony once some 30 years ago. The habitat appeared healthy. Not much seems to have changed. I am always amazed how similar all the cobra plant habitats are throughout its distribution from California to Oregon. Cold waters run through the mountain slope, creating a marshy surface. Darlingtonia grows vigorously on the wet, grassy surface along the stream. The flowers are all gone, forming a seed capsule at the tip of a tall scape (80-90 cm). Some pitcher leaves were as tall as 70 cm. From my house near Los Angeles, this was a 1600-mile round trip.  I drove 10-plus hours to come here.


In this habitat, I saw this bug, everywhere, in the Darlingtonia bog, flying all over the place, from a flower to another, sometimes landing on the cobra heads.