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Carnivorous Plants - Drosera adelae
by Makoto Honda
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Drosera adelae

A tiny spider lands on a leaf of Drosera adelae.

Physical stimuli are given to the "central tentacles" of the prey landing site on the leaf.  

Four hours later:
Several neighboring tentacles are seen showing a mild tropistic movement toward the site of stimulation.
The central tentacles directly stimulated by the prey are now secreting digestive fluids in response to physical/chemical stimulation from the prey.

Twenty-four hours later:
The digestive fluids now effectively cover the entire spider body.
This is the sundew's clever strategy to minimize the amount of digestive juices needed for the digestive process.
Instead of preparing a large amount of digestive liquid into which the prey falls, as in pitcher plants, the sundew brings digestive fluids to the prey, as needed.

Forty-eight hours later:

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