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Carnivorous Plants near Kalamazoo, Michigan

2006 - August 22 ... 23                      Page 1      Page 2      Page 3

Many flowers were blooming in the bog....



But I saw only a single blossom of Drosera intermedia.

Sometimes intermingled among D. rotundifolia, but mostly by themselves, I saw numerous D. intermedia plants in this bog.  In contrast to the moderate to small size of D. rotundifolia, specimens of D. intermedia here are huge and vigorous, their leaves often reaching 5 cm in length. All the plants were showing a strong red coloration under the sun. As typical of this species, the plants growing among sphagnum moss were developing a long stem, as if to compete with the growth of sphagnum. The plants growing on the soil surface has a very short stem.


I always try to capture the plants at their best. Translated to sundews, I like to capture their glistening dews. I hate to shoot sundews when their mucilage is dried out. Here are some shots from this Michigan bog early in a morning.



Here and there, I saw fully matured seed capsules of Drosera intermedia.