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Monarch Butterfly Over-Wintering Grove
by Makoto Honda
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 I visited Coronado Butterfly Preserve to see over-wintering butterflies.
This is one of the largest Monarch butterfly over-wintering groves in California.
They over-winter here during December through February.
I was told the height of over-wintering is in the month of December.
Coronado Butterfly Preserve

I got there around 11:00am in the morning of Feb.10, 2008.
It was a nice sunny day, and many butterflies were already in the air.

Monarch Butterfly

Photos taken by Nikon D300 + AF 18-200mm Zoom Nikkor F3.5-5.6 + PL filter
@200mm, f5.6, 1/200 sec, ISO 400, RAW
Processed by Nikon Capture NX

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