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Three orchids (family Orchidaceae) often encountered in the carnivorous plants habitats in North America....


From left to right:

PHOTO: Pogonia ophioglossoides
Common name: Rose pogonia, Snakemouth orchid

The rose pogonia has a native range from Nova Scotia to Wisconsin and southeastward through the Appalachians to the Gulf Coast plain. This small orchid bears one to three flowers in March-May in Florida and as late as August in its northern range. The flowers have a sweet raspberry-like scent.

PHOTO: Cleistes bifaria
synonym: Pogonia divaricata
Common name: Rosebud Orchid, Spreading Pogonia, Fernald's Pogonia

Native to the southeastern part of the U.S., this species bears a single flower on a stem that can reach 30 cm tall. The three sepals widely spread on the back. The corolla forms a slender tube. The flower has a vanilla fragrance. The flower stem is similar to Pogonia, with a single leaf held on the stem and a small floral bract beneath the flower.

PHOTO: Calopogon tuberosus
Common name: Tuberous grasspink

Grows widely over the eastern half of North America.


PHOTO: Pogonia ophioglossoides

PHOTO: Pogonia ophioglossoides

PHOTO: Pogonia ophioglossoides

PHOTO: Cleistes bifaria

PHOTO: Calopogon tuberosus

PHOTO: Calopogon tuberosus


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