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Sarracenia seedlings

After emergence of a radicle, which becomes the primary root, the hypocotyl is the next part of the seedling that protrudes from the seed. The sharply bent hypocotyl lifts the seeds above the soil. The cotyledons are 1 cm long. The third leaf - epicotyledonary leaf - arises between the cotyledons.

Germination of Sarracenia alata

Sarracenia minor, with the first pitcher leaves.

Sarracenia minor, one year after germination.

Sarracenia alata, with the first pitcher leaves.

Sarracenia alata, germination.

One-year old seedlings of Sarracenia alata.

Germination of Sarracenia psittacina.

Seedlings of Sarracenia psittacina.

Down-pointing hairs in the pitcher tube.

Accumulated prey in the pitcher.

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