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   CP Photo Images (in the wild & in cultivation) --- by genus / species
   Carnivorous Plants / Insectivorous Plants in the Wilderness
        - Vol.1: North America --- Dionaea, Sarracenia, Darlingtonia, Drosera, Pinguicula, Utricularia
        - Vol.2: Southeast Asia --- Nepenthes
        - Vol.3: Australia --- Cephalotus, Byblis, Drosera, Utricularia, Aldrovanda
        - Vol.4: South America --- Heliamphora, Brocchinia, Catopsis, Drosera, Utricularia, Genlisea
        - Vol.5: Africa --- Roridula, Drosera, Utricularia, Genlisea, Triphyophyllum
        - Vol.6: Europe --- Drosophyllum, Pinguicula, Drosera
        - Vol.7: Mexico --- Pinguicula
        - Vol.8: Japan --- Aldrovanda, Utricularia, Pinguicula (ramosa), Drosera

   CP Trap Anatomy Photos (detailed description of trap mechanism) --- by genus
   CP Seed Photos (photomacrography) --- by species
   CP Germination Photos (photomacrography) --- by species
   CP Flower Photos (detailed close-up) --- by species
   CP Pollen Photos (photomacrography) --- by species

   CP Classification (phylogeny) --- by order / genus
   CP Species List (species / author / publication / year / localities / habitat / habit ) --- by genus
   CP World Maps (world distribution) --- by genus / species
   CP Illustrations (detailed description by drawing) --- by genus

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   CP Bibliography --- by genus
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