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Schneider Optik - 72mm Slim Circular Polarizing Filter
by Makoto Honda     December 30, 2007                                                            
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I was looking for a PL filter (72mm) that does not vignette the corners when used at 18mm on my AF Zoom Nikkor 18-200 mm lens.   This $200-plus filter from Germany will do it?

There is no frontal threading on this filter.  You must use a slip-on cap provided with the filter, if you want protection.

Photos below shot with Nikon D200 + AF Nikkor Zoom 18-200 mm at 18mm

Kenko 72mm UV filter + PL filter  @ F4


Kenko 72mm UV filter + PL filter  @ F16

72mm PL filter only  @ F4


72mm PL filter only  @ F16


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