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Carnivorous Plants in the Wilderness
by Makoto Honda


Plate Tectonics

By Prof. Sam Bowring / MIT

 Plate tectonics is largely driven by the fact that the interior of the earth is much hotter than the surface.

Plate tectonics is virtually inescapable on this planet; it is an exceedingly efficient way to cool the interior of the earth.

The processes that shaped the surface of the earth are never going to change; we are going to have earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes -- regardless of whether humans inhabit the planet.

Plate tectonics will continue to operate for a foreseeable future -- a few hundred million years. The question is whether humans will be here to witness it or not.


Militant Atheist

By Prof. Richard Dawkins / Oxford University

Creationist Argument: "Living creatures are too complex to have come about by chance, and therefore they must have had a designer."

This argument, of course, shoots itself on the foot; any designer capable of designing something really complex has to be even more complex himself.

Complexity is the problem any theory of biology has to solve. You cannot solve it by postulating an agent that is even more complex, therefore simply compounding the problem.