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CP Trip 2008 in Alabama /Florida : April 26 - May 4
by Makoto Honda
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2008-Apr-26 Southern Alabama, USA   Back to 2008 Florida Trip

Sarracenia leucophylla exhibits some color variation on the pitcher leaves. The tint ranges from greenish to reddish. Observing many specimens in the field, some variations are rather dramatic while others are continuous range of subtle color shift.

When comparing the color variants within this taxon, it is important to pick pitchers of a similar age. In general, leaves of all Sarracenia tend to get darker over the course of a summer and assume deeper coloration as they age. Spring is a good time since all the pitchers are brand new. By the same token, comparing pictures, one taken in spring and the other in summer, may not be an apple-on-apple comparison when discerning pitcher colors. Also, the same plant may produce slightly different pitcher colors depending on the season.

Typical coloration of Sarracenia leucophylla foliage. A green pitcher turns pure white toward the top. The lid as well as the upper tube near the pitcher opening bears strong reddish network of veins.


A brand new leaf. The pitcher peristome is not fully expanded yet. It may take a week or so for the color to stabilize.


Sarracenia leucophylla. Flowers are mostly done. An umbrella-shaped style remains on a tall scape.



Sarracenia leucophylla seedling, probably a few years old.


Hybrids between Sarracenia leucophylla X purpurea abound. The red pitcher color varies among hybrids. The redness of the venation appears reflective of their Sarracenia leucophylla parent.


Newly emerged pitchers of Sarracenia purpurea stand out against the remnant of previous year's leaves.


Sarracenia psittacina sprouts new spring leaves.


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