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by Makoto Honda
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  Pitcher Plants 
  Cobra Plant  
  Venus Flytrap  

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Classification of Carnivorous Plants           


 FAMILY Bromeliaceae (57 genera / 3170 species)     Carnivorous Bromeliads
               GENUS Brocchinia
(2) B. hectioides  B.reducta
               GENUS Catopsis (1) C. berteroniana
 FAMILY Eriocaulaceae (10 genera / 1200 species)
               GENUS Paepalanthus (1) P .bromelioides
 FAMILY Cephalotaceae
               GENUS Cephalotus (1) C. follicularis    Western Australian Pitcher Plant
 FAMILY Droseraceae
               GENUS Drosera (204)   Sundews
               GENUS Dionaea (1) D. muscipula   Venus Flytrap
               GENUS Aldrovanda (1) A. vesiculosa   Waterwheel Plant
 FAMILY Nepenthaceae
               GENUS Nepenthes (118)    Tropical Pitcher Plants
               GENUS Drosophyllum (1) D. lusitanicum    Portuguese Dewy Pine
 FAMILY Dioncophyllaceae
(3 genera / 3 species)
               GENUS Triphyophyllum (1) T. peltatum    West African Carnivorous Liana
 FAMILY Sarraceniaceae
               GENUS Sarracenia (8)   Eastern North American Pitcher Plants
               GENUS Darlingtonia (1) D. californica    California Pitcher Plant / Cobra Plant
               GENUS Heliamphora (23)    Marsh Pitcher Plants
FAMILY Roridulaceae 
               GENUS Roridula (2) R. dentata R. gorgonias


 FAMILY Plantaginaceae (19 genera / 1700 species)      
               GENUS Philcoxia (3) P. bahiensis  P. goiasensis  P. minensis
 FAMILY Byblidaceae  
               GENUS Byblis (7)  Rainbow Plants
FAMILY Martyniaceae  
(5 genera)  Devil's Claw  
               GENUS Ibicella (1) I. lutea
               GENUS Proboscidea  (2) P. lousianica  P. parviflora   
 FAMILY Lentibulariaceae    
               GENUS Pinguicula (101)   
               GENUS Genlisea (22)   
Corkscrew Plants
               GENUS Utricularia (228)   

* Only angiosperms, or flowering plants, are considered here.
* Drosophyllum is placed in its own family.
* Some authors, including Lloyd (1942) and Juniper et al., consider Roridula non-carnivorous.
Following P. Taylor (1989) and others, Biovularia (B. olivacea) and Polypompholyx (P. multifida and P. tenella) are placed in Utricularia. 

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