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CP Trip 2008 in Alabama /Florida : April 26 - May 4
by Makoto Honda
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2008-Apr-28 Florida panhandle, USA    Back to 2008 Florida Trip

Apalachicola National Forest


Sarracenia psittacina blossoms.




It started to rain, but I had to capture these bloody red Pinguicula planifolia before I ran for cover.


This Sarracenia flava var. rugelii colony contains Sarracenia flava var. flava plants.


I found many Pinguicula ionantha plants in this site. Initially I thought I had finally found P. primuliflora, because of the tremendous density of the plants. There were very many flower scapes (but no flowers left). After some observations, I concluded that the density was created by seedlings rather than the leaf-budding (characteristics of P. primuliflora).


Veined pitchers of Sarracenia flava var. flava in a Sarracenia flava var. rugelii population.





Northern Alabama

I found a nice seafood restaurant near my motel in northern Alabama. What I needed was a good meal and good night sleep before I embark on a search for Sarracenia oreophila next day.



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