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CP Trip 2008 in Alabama /Florida : April 26 - May 4
by Makoto Honda
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2008-Apr-27 Florida panhandle, USA    Back to 2008 Florida Trip

This site in Apalachicola National Forest contains many carnivorous plants, including transplanted VFs. 

Venus flytraps share the same habitat with Sarracenia leucophylla. This does not happen in the native North Carolina.


Sarracenia leucophylla flowers are pretty much done in this site also. Wait! Are these flowers showing some "compass" tendency, all facing south? Or, it is just a coincidence?


Drosera filiformis var. trayci with D. capillaris in the background.


Morning dews enhance the glandular expression of Drosera capillaris, well tinted in bright red.


D. capillaris shares a wet spot with a terrestrial bladderwort Utricularia subulata. Note cleistogamous (closed) flowers of U. subulata, supported on hair-thin flower stems.


An attractive, bright yellow flower of Utricularia subulata.


Cleistes bifaria blossom. An orchid occurring throughout the southeastern US, typically found in acidic bogs and pine forests.


A Venus flytrap tends to produce more erect, summer leaves around the time of flower.



Heavily red tinted specimens are found sporadically scattered among more typically colored plants. The color trait of the leaf blade seems to be genetically fixed.


A Venus flytrap colony appears well established in this Florida bog, judging from the large number of seedlings found here.


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