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CP Trip 2008 in Alabama /Florida : April 26 - May 4
by Makoto Honda
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2008-Apr-27 Florida panhandle, USA    Back to 2008 Florida Trip

This site in Apalachicola National Forest contains many carnivorous plants, including butterworts.

Sarracenia psittacina in blossom, Florida panhandle, April 27, 2008.


Sarracenia psittacina tends to produce erect leaves in spring. The pitchers produced in summer and onwards are more decumbent leaves characteristic to this species.  These decumbent leaves sometimes last for several months until next spring.


In the Florida panhandle, Sarracenia psittacina blooms from early April to early May, with the flowering peak centering around mid-April.


Drosera capillaris in blossom, Florida panhandle.



Drosera filiformis var. tracyi in blossom, Florida panhandle.






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